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“The Diamond in You” (Excerpt from Ch. 7) February 16, 2011

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Several years ago, I heard a life-changing message from a woman named Wanda Turner. She had been in pastoral ministry for decades, survived the infidelity and premature death of her first husband, and believed in the faithfulness of God no matter what season she found herself in.  I was smart enough to get the recording of a message she preached at a women’s conference, sensing that I would need its timeless truths. Since then, that recording has been duplicated many times over by myself and others, and found it’s way into women’s hands of all walks of life, all over the globe. We refer to it as “the diamond message.”


Here’s the gist of it. You are valuable. You are God’s precious jewel, worth far more than any diamond or precious stone. Miss Wanda, in her delightful banter, describes the diamonds in the display windows at jewelry stores as “a bunch of junk” because of all the lights, glass and mirrors it takes to make them brilliant enough to attract you. The really good stuff, the most expensive in the store, is kept in the back, locked in a safe on some dark velvet.  That’s YOU.


Does the diamond get to set it’s worth? No, the owner does—he decides. And if a half-working man (or BOY) tries to come in and buy a valuable diamond, the owner is going to ask him, “How much are you willing to pay?” The right answer is not “Well, can’t I get a discount for going to church twice a year? I mean, I’m working on getting some money together and everything, but I just don’t know yet.” The owner will reply, “She’s not the one for you,” and put you back in the safe because you’re precious.


One of my favorite quotes from the diamond message: “Don’t go on sale for a man who can’t afford you.” God sets your price, not you. He’s the one who gives consent for you to come out of the safe. And if you really do leave it up to him, he’ll make sure you come out only for a man who is willing to pay full price for you!


When you understand your value to God, your choices in life will reflect that value. Girls who know what they are worth are far less likely to throw their hearts away for a ridiculous high school romance. Smart girls realize the price God paid to ransom them from sin and spiritual darkness. They are guided by a sense of God’s purpose for them, and they know that there is no room for wasted days as they move toward that purpose.