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“Even When it’s Hard” (Excerpt from Ch. 9) February 17, 2011

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Miriam was just 19 years old when she attended a party with co-workers. She drank only a single glass of wine (legal in the country where she lived), yet she had no recollection of the rest of the night. Details from others helped her piece together events that led her to believe her drink had been spiked with a drug, and that she had been date-raped by someone she knew. A few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant and her suspicions were confirmed.


Although she was a born-again Christian and raised in a Christian family with strong values and beliefs, Miriam thought seriously about abortion. She said she was afraid that her child would look like her rapist.  She had made her mind up that abortion was the most compassionate choice, but then, with her hospital gown already on, God intervened. Miriam had a moment of clarity where she felt a sudden rush of God’s love for her child, and she couldn’t go through with it.


Carrying her baby full-term meant another hard choice: parenting or adoption. Miriam sensed that God wanted her to parent her child, despite the lifetime of consequence that would bring. She became a single parent at the age of 19. She chose to walk in obedience to the Lord’s calling, even though it would be difficult.


Now she is in her late twenties and has a daughter who is eight years old, who does indeed look like the man who raped Miriam. She says that the love she feels for her child now far supersedes the love she felt for her the day she chose to keep her. Today, Miriam is a member of the British police force, and is making a difference in her community and in the life of a precious little girl.


Miriam gave God the opportunity to grow her through an unexpected and undeserved circumstance. Did God cause her to be raped so he could grow her? Certainly not! I’m sure he shared the tears she cried as she realized what had happened to her. But he did most certainly rescue her from a lifetime of regret and emotional trauma over an abortion.


God is not committed to our comfort, he is committed to our growth. Countless times in scripture we see those who are obedient to him suffer devastating circumstances. But we also see them being promoted, preserved, and rescued when they respond to the devastation appropriately. I think of Joseph who was abandoned and sold into slavery by his brothers and spent years in prison for no good reason. Yet God had a plan of redemption, and he raised Joseph to a place of great influence. When we remain obedient to him in the midst of the pain, he can and will turn the most difficult circumstances into pathways that lead to growth and success.